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Helping you to help yourself to transform your life and your career

transform your Mindset

I can help you transform your mindset in order to improve your life

How I can help

Are you fulfilled in your life? Do you think there is a better life out there for you?


If so, then I can help. I help people to help themselves to transform their lives. I do this through listening to people. Really listening. Then, together, I work with my clients to improve their lives. Personal development coaching is a simple yet not simplistic results-focused process which helps define values and helps people achieve their objectives, whether in their life or work. I learned much of this in a very successful career in education where coaching was central to my work. This passion for coaching has now led to a new career helping people transform their lives.

I have been told that one of my gifts is the way I develop self-belief in others. This is not something that can just be given. It develops over time, in small steps. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Step by carefully crafted step I help my clients build their self-belief, raise their self -esteem and help things get better. If that is something you want then I can help. Helping people improve their lives or their career is my passion.


I offer different services to meet different needs. Personal development coaching, structured coaching programmes and also corporate coaching for individuals or teams.


Types of coaching available

Transformational Coaching

Are you a little bit stuck in your life? Looking to change things but don't know how? Perhaps I can help. I work with my clients to help them transform their lives and find a way forward. 


Over the course of 4-6 sessions I will help you think about what you want to improve in your life. Through listening to you I will help you plan how to change things that will lead to a better life.


I love to empower other people to become more aware of their own potential, talent, and quests so they can live the life they choose.

Using techniques that I have used over many years and based upon my training with the Animas Coaching centre I will help you to help yourself to improve you life.

Call 07554818368 for a free chat about how I can help. Or, Email;

NeuroChange Coaching

The Neuro Change Method™ takes us deep into the Neuroscience of Change. It provides an understanding of the conscious mind's power to influence the mechanisms of the subconscious mind to go to work for us in everyday life. If you want to be a part of the newest development in the Personal Development Field that will change the way people approach Mind Sciences to accelerate life achievement, then let me know by visiting my website  at Neuro Change Method (              

Mens Sana Programme

Some of my clients prefer a structured approach to their coaching. The Mens Sana coaching programme is uniquely constructed to guide you through 12 life-skills lessons. Each module builds on the other to gain control of your emotions, feelings, and actions. Therefore, your health, wealth, and happiness are shaped by your thoughts. Knowing how to change your thinking means knowing how to own and manage your mind confidently. ​

To learn more, visit my Life in Balance website where you can sign up for my newsletter and also download the first chapter of Mens Sana. You can also enrol on the programme there.

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